For four decades the bearded stranger has travelled the world observing and learning about different places, and the people who live there. These short stories are told from the point of view of these people (and a few inanimate objects!). 

You will not find recommendations for a great restaurant, or a guide to a favourite building. Instead the stories offer glimpses of the intriguing and the interesting, the wonderful and the not so wonderful. They tell of the experiences and the people who stay in our memories after we travellers leave their place. They are all real incidents. Enjoy!  

April 2019: I have published The Bearded Stranger stories - maybe you’d like to buy a paperback or kindle copy. The book contains a great deal more text and background about the bearded stranger’s travels, plus over 160 stories from 60 countries.

You can order through Amazon here

If you do buy a copy then I thank you, and I wish you enjoyment. Please do leave reviews on Amazon as well, so that the book gets noticed more widely.

Jonathan Potter

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